The most prominent difference of TAC Schools is that it brings European education standards to our country and teaches students native language English. We work with an academic staff with HARVARD UNIVERSITY TESOL Program certificate, master’s degree, doctorate and all qualification certificates. The language education program in TAC Schools has an International equivalence and qualification certificate that is not available in various educational institutions in our country. Our students receive the LINGIAFOLIO certificate which is European Language Passport and the official language proficiency document of the USA.


TAC Kids

0-5 age group is the period when perception level is the highest. We give a game-based learning through experience to our children.

TAC Kindergarten

We apply a carma education program to our children to support all child-centered sensory and motor development. This program, simple to complex; has been prepared…

TAC Primary School

As TAC Schools, which have become a brand in education, we know that; Academic life is very important for our students to develop a positive behaviour and attitude based learning…

What skills should the education of the future bring to individuals?

The aim of education in the changing world is to enable individuals to achieve gains suitable for this change.

Critical Thinking
Communication and collaboration
Reading and language skills
Scientific and design thinking
Mathematics literacy
Digital world citizenship

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